Important Information Regarding Your Session

Please print, sign, and email back to me { } . I recommend using the mobile app Genius Scan after you have signed. 

Reservation Fee/Rescheduling

- Half of session cost due at booking, other half during the session w/ the exception of Mini Sessions which requires the full session price upfront. 

- I will reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients during your slot.

- Weather happens. If we are shooting outside and the weather doesn't permit we will have to reschedule the session the day of the appointment. Reservation fee will not be refunded for bad weather days.

- Sick & chaotic days happen. I can reschedule your session twice, any more than that you forgo your reservation fee and an additional booking requires an additional reservation fee.

- Sick & chaotic days may happen to the photographer too. I will reschedule the session, but if this causes too much trouble this is the only case I will reimburse you your reservation fee.  


-Last half of a full session price due at the time of photo shoot. Cash or check. {30 dollar fee for bounced checks. However, if bounced check fee is not paid, all photos taken by me will not be turned over to you. I will still hold the rights to use photos in portfolio or advertisement. You also surrender the amount you paid towards booking your session.}

- I prefer to stay in the Lexington/West Columbia area during the week (unless it is a newborn session in the hospital), but on the weekends I am able to travel up to 45 miles away from my location.

- Location needs to be chosen a week ahead of time.

- Depending on the location you choose, parking fees & admittance prices for myself are paid in full by you.

- I shoot photos between 8am-10am & 4pm-7pm. I may be able to work earlier in the morning or later in the evening depending on what you envision for your session or if you are having a lifestyle/newborn session. 

- Please, feel free to speak up if you have any ideas! I want to make sure your dream for your session is realized as much as possible!

Only Photographer During Session

During your session with me, I am the only person allowed to take photos. Parents, family, friends, and anyone else attending the session is not permitted to take any photos with cameras, camera phones, and tablets. Please, inform everyone about this rule.  


- I am incredibly patient with newborn sessions! There is no need to feel rushed or stressed! If the little one has to be fed or is having a rough day we will take photos when we can. If we have to go overtime, that is okay! I will take photos until I think we have taken enough that suits your package!  

- Hospital sessions can be quite dark. Some photos will be in black and white to combat this. I ask that you raise the blinds to get in as much natural light as possible.

- Guests during hospital sessions -  Hospital sessions can be really cramped quarters. So I ask if you keep it to one or two guests during half of your session and the other half just you & your partner. Grandparents or best friends are great if you would like them to be involved!

- Siblings during sessions - They definitely can be involved in the session, if you would like! Please, keep in mind that the focus will be mainly on the newborn! I would even suggest having a relative or babysitter watch siblings for half the session if they are younger and need a lot supervision.  

- Newborn safety is my number one priority. I refuse to do poses and props that put the baby at risk for injury. Parents may be very hands on during these sessions.

- Always bring a few outfits for baby and even for yourself if you are planning to be in the session. Baby messes happen!

- If we are doing a lifestyle newborn session in your home, please declutter.

- A full belly makes for a happy baby! I will have you feed your little one right before I take photos.

Printing and Ordering

- I won't complete any order until print minimums are met in full.

- When your gallery becomes available for ordering you have 72 hours (3 days) to put in your first purchase (your print minimum). If the print minimums aren't met within 72 hours (3 days) your gallery will be removed, and you surrender your reservation fee, package cost, and receiving anything your package came with. All photos taken by me will not be turned over to you. I will still hold the rights to use photos in portfolio or advertisements.

- Purchasing is easy, safe, and it is done through your online gallery by card!

- The bigger the print you order the more noise there will be in your photos. Noise is natural to photography, especially in darker lit areas. It doesn't make your image look any less beautiful, just something to consider. I will not be held liable for it.

- After your first purchase and reaching the print minimums, you can share the gallery with family and friends who are more than welcome to order prints for themselves!   

- I will keep your photos for you for up to 2 years! Feel free to order at any time!


Please look through my gallery/portfolio to give you an idea what my editing style is. I don't heavily edit my images, and I tend for a more natural feel and a pop of color. 
For images shot inside, with not so great light, I love using black and white to bring out the beauty in the shot. 
If you want an image re-edited I charge $20 per photo, because editing is a very time consuming task. 
I do not show or sell unedited photos. 

When Will Your Order Be Ready?

1-2 Weeks for editing & then your gallery will become available for purchasing.
Then additional 2 weeks after purchasing for your package to be available.

Copyright and Reproductions

I will own the copyright on all images taken and will have the right to make reproductions and edits of any kind. You, the client, will only receive reproductions. I may use the images for. but not limited to, my portfolio, self-promotions, editorial use, website, or for display within or on the outside of my studio. 

Print Release

I want you to be able to print off the pictures you have taken with me at any point in your lives and if you get one of my packages that includes a flash drive & a "Print Release" option, you will get just that! When you meet with me you are creating memories you can hold in your hands for years to come! You are still more than welcome to access your online gallery for prints at any time within a two year period and I will still uphold the quality you expect your prints to be. I use a professional printer that only prints photos/canvases for photographers. Getting them printed elsewhere you will see a decline in quality. I am not liable for the quality of print you get from a lab other than my own. 

With all that said, the images I give you are the result of my hard work and time. When I give you these photos you will not be allowed to use any photos for commercial use or financial gain. You can not take credit, edit, or use filters on them in any way (including online) with the exception of cropping. Feel free to share online! Please, give credit!  

Thank you for reading through this thoroughly! I can't wait to get a hold of you to discuss your session! If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to get a hold of me!


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